Vegan Baking Guide

Have you decided to go vegan? Would you like to experiment with vegan baking? Or maybe you've found that you are all out of eggs!

Never fear, I've made a little guide to help you out. No one should go without some tasty treats.

Kat's Vegan Baking Guide
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  • Vegan margarine can be substituted equally in any recipe
  • Vegetable oil is best for muffins or anything requiring a cake-like texture. Use 1/3 cup oil for every 1/2 cup butter. I used oil instead of butter in my Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Latte Muffins with great results!
  • Apple sauce will provide a cake-like texture as well as adding some sweetness. This is a great choice for low fat baking
  • Nut butters can also be substituted for butter as long as you want to have that nut butter taste

  • Flax egg works well for chewy things like cookies as well as breads. This is made by mixing 3 tbsp water with 1 tbsp ground flax seed and allowing the mixture to sit for a few minutes.
  • You can also use chia seeds the same way as flax seeds. It is best to use milled or ground chia seeds, however I find chia seeds very difficult to grind. You can use the whole chia seeds mixed with water to make a gel. You will need more chia than flax to make a suitable binder. The whole chia seeds will add a texture to your baked goods so be cautious if you do not want crunchy seeds in what you're baking.
  • Silken or soft tofu is great for anything with a dense structure like brownies, pound cake, or pies. Use a 1/4 cup blended for each egg.
  • Apple sauce or mashed banana can be used in cakes, bars, breads, muffins, and cookies. Use 1/4 cup for each egg. The banana in my Banana Pancakes acted as a great binder.
  • Soy yogurt is good for a cake-like structure. Use 1/4 cup for each egg.
  • Egg replacer can be used in almost any recipe. Some people don't recommend it for things you want to stay moist like cake as egg replacer is starch-based. Follow directions on box

  • Coconut milk for very creamy textures. My Vegan Gluten Free Coconut Pancakes were extra creamy thanks to this
  • Soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk, or any non-dairy milk can be substituted in almost any recipe
  • Water can be substituted in many basic recipes too but your outcome will lack some richness
  • Juice is a great option if you want to add a little extra flavour to a recipe. For example you could substitute more orange juice for milk in my Orange Vanilla Poppy Seed Muffins
Veganizing a recipe does not have to be daunting, with the right knowledge it can be very simple. Above all it can also be healthier (though not always) as vegan treats will contain no cholesterol and less fat. I hope you enjoy creating some delicious masterpieces!

Bet you can't tell that these brownies are made with tofu!

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