About Me


Hi my name is Katarina! 
I am an Education student specializing in physical education living in Canada. I have a degree in Kinesiology, am a certified yoga teacher, and I teach ice skating. 

I love baking and eating what I bake! That said I also like to live a healthy lifestyle so I try to healthify some recipes. I love to bake vegan as well as gluten free. 


Kat Cupcake was created when I was in high school because of my love for food blogs and baking. After reading blogs for about a year, I decided to create my own where I could share the healthier baked goods I've developed!


I loooove sweet things. I believe that moderation is key to living a healthy and fulfilling life and yes that includes even the occasional indulgent cupcake! I do not adhere to any diet but I have tried vegan, paleo, and gluten free. I found things that worked for me in each diet and put those into my own eating habits.

I'll respond to any comment left on my blog but if you would like to contact me personally, you can reach me at cupcakeskat@gmail.com

You can also find me on  Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitter

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