August 23, 2011

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Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup has been on my "to try" list for some time. I have seem it used in many vegan recipes and I love trying out new natural sweeteners. I haven't been able to find some at any health food stores so when Tropical Traditions asked if I would like to review it, I happily said yes!

Brown rice syrup is a natural sweetener it is made by steeping whole brown rice with an enzyme. It is great for cooking and baking. It is also gluten free and easily digestible.

As a bonus, Tropical Traditions brown rice syrup is certified organic

For my first experience tasting brown rice syrup, I was surprised by how thick it is. It is thicker than honey and has a mild sweet taste. I enjoyed it in a cup of tea but I've heard that it is great for baking and is almost caramel like. I have big plans for this bottle!

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Have you ever had brown rice syrup?
Do you any favourite ways to use it?


  1. I've never heard of looks just like honey! I'm SO going to have to get some! I'm thrilled you were asked to try it....I would never have come across it if you hadn't!

  2. I've been really curious to try this. I usually use agave or honey because I buy them in bulk from Costco, but brown rice syrup is a lot cheaper than agave at my Whole Foods! I would like to put it in granola bars- I have a recipe that calls for it.

  3. I've heard that brown rice syrup works like a charm in granola bars. I've never tasted it on it's own - I'm so curious! You'll have to concoct something awesome to give me an excuse to buy it.

  4. Interesting! I've never tried sweetening anything with brown rice syrup. I did recently try date sugar though! It was an interesting sweetener!

  5. ooooh, i'm a big fan of brown rice syrup! it's great for puffed cereal squares. i love that rich caramel-like sweetness...

  6. Can you beleive that I have NEVER tried brown rice syrup? I've had it in things I've bought, but I've never bought IT itself. But after reading this, I really want some now! :)

  7. Just wanted to let you know you won my NutraCleanse Giveaway! Congratulations!!!

  8. I've never heard of brown rice syrup, but I think I may give it a try in granola bars. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I've also used it to make granola bars. It was really good. Reminds me I should do it again soon!

  10. Ive been looking for a different kind of sweetener recently - i must try this!


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