June 30, 2011

Amazing Blogger Award

I recently got tagged for the Amazing Blogger Award by Kat at Kat's Health Corner! I am so happy to get my first award and I hope you enjoy learning some more about me

1. Favourite cartoon character: Luna from sailor moon! Sailor moon was my favourite cartoon show when I was  a kid 

2. Favourite thing to photograph: I'm sure you saw this coming but probably food. I also really like to photograph landscapes
My coconut cream pie pancakes

3. Favourite thing to cook: I like cooking pasta. So simple but it allows you to be very creative. I also like making beans and rice. Of course, I like to bake more than cook and my favourite thing to bake is muffins. because they are like cupcakes but for breakfast

4. Favourite way to exercise: Figure skating! I've been skating for a long time and I don't see myself quiting if I can help it. I love bike riding in the summer too and I love hot yoga


5. Favourite movie: Stick It

6. Favourite clothing: Shorts and skirts. Shorts are awesome in the summer!

7. Favourite flower: Lilacs. There's a big bush in my backyard. I only wish the season was longer so I could enjoy it longer


8. Favourite breakfast: Oatmeal! (enough said)

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Pudding Oatmeal

9. Favourite book: Harry Potter, The Golden Compass, The Davinci Code, and cookbooks!


10. What is your least favourite food?: Probably anything fried

No picture for this one guys

I'm tagging:
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  1. Thanks for tagging me :) Those shorts are so cute! I love wearing shorts in the summer. Once May comes, I refuse to wear pants until September!

  2. Awesome! I did this on my blog too! It was lots of fun. and I'm with you on the anything fride part. I don't like thatttt either!! LOL
    Hope you come around and check out my blog sometime!


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